Common Problems Professional Drain Cleaning Can Solve

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Detroit Drain CleaningMost people in Oak Park head to the store to buy a drain cleaner product but it either doesn’t work or the drain clogs keep happening. When DIY methods aren’t working, the best and sometimes only way to keep the clogs from happening is professional drain cleaning.

There are several different methods a plumber may use to clean your drains; manual drain snakes, motorized drain snakes, and water-jetting (hydro-jetting). Professional drain cleaning can solve a ton of problems including all of the following.

Standing Ankle-Deep In Murky Shower Water Every Morning

There’s nothing worse than trying to get clean but having to stand in murky shower water every day. The most common cause of sluggish slower drains is hair and soap bar leftovers. Soap is slippery and those little slivers will stay solid, adding to the hair that inevitably clogs drains.

If you’ve tried liquid drain cleaner or other methods and the clog keeps happening, it’s time to call in an Oak Park plumber for professional drain cleaning service.

Those Annoying Frequent Toilet Backups

Frequent toilet clogs and backups could be a sign of significant sewer line problems. There may be a break in the line, a septic tank problem, tree roots growing into the line, or a stubborn blockage.

The water-jetting method of drain cleaning can blast through any stubborn clog but your Oak Park plumber will likely perform a video pipe inspection to determine the cause of the backups first.

Stinky Washing Machine Water

Do your clothes smell sour after you’ve just washed and dried them? If your washing machine is working fine, it’s very likely that your washing machine drain line is partially clogged and causing a backup.

An Oak Park plumber can use a snake or a water jetting method to clean the drain and sewer lines, depending on which would be the effective solution, so that your clothes will smell fresh and clean again.

Regular Kitchen Sink Clogs

If your kitchen sink gets clogged all the time and your liquid drain cleaner isn’t working, drain cleaning will solve the problem for a long time. You can extend the time by making sure you don’t put these things down the drain because they’re known to cause problems, especially when people have an old garbage disposal:

  • Grease, cooking oil, and fat
  • Potato peels
  • Stringy celery or other veggies
  • Egg shells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Thick fruit peels
  • Trash of any type
  • Uncooked rice or pasta
  • Hard to grind leftovers (none if you don’t have a disposal)

Sewer Pipe Limescale Buildup & Corrosion

The health of your sewer pipes makes a big difference in how well the drains in your home will work. Limescale buildup is very common in the sewer lines here in Detroit, and limescale causes corrosion. This doesn’t help the fact that most of the sewer main pipes here are very old already.

Drain cleaning removes the buildup inside the pipes so that it won’t have a chance to corrode them from the inside.

If you are looking for a professional Detroit Plumber for Drain Cleaning Service, please call 248-755-5839 or complete our online request form.

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