How To Properly Insulate Your Wayne County Plumbing To Avoid Frozen Pipes

frozen-pipes-wayne-countyLet’s face it, our Michigan winters can get really cold. It’s no wonder that we, as professional Wayne County Michigan plumbers, spend so much of our time on emergency calls for frozen pipes in our area. On most newer homes, it’s not as common for homeowners to experience frozen pipes, but on older homes or homes that don’t sit on concrete foundations, the problem is huge.

Even on newer homes, the outdoor spigots and water valves can be the problem for frozen pipes unless they are insulated as well. The local hardware store or home repair outlet will have kits you can buy to properly cover and insulate your outdoor plumbing including spigots, valves or pipes.

Pipes that are indoors but are exposed to outer walls can also easily freeze if there’s not enough insulation to keep them from freezing. Underneath your home, you may have a crawl space where your plumbing is exposed to the outdoors. Even if under skirting or a brick lined crawl space, there’s not enough protection from the cold, wet conditions of the environment during winter.

Properly wrapping all exposed areas and all areas not well insulated near exposed areas is the only way to ensure your plumbing will be well insulated.

In a pinch, you could use other materials to insulate your¬†Wayne County exterior pipes, but it shouldn’t ever be left on as a permanent fix. To properly wrap your pipes and other plumbing parts, you need to properly apply the right type of insulation to the areas.

Pipe insulation comes in the form of flexible tubing that is cut down the length so you can open it over the pipe to wrap it. It then should be firmly attached or taped together so no moisture or air can get underneath the insulation.

Just a tiny bit of air and moisture getting in under the insulation can cause pipes to freeze, so it’s important not to use a temporary fix for too long if you wind up needing to do that at first.

Anyone who says wrapping pipes in Wayne County¬†is easy hasn’t done it for very long or didn’t have much pipe to wrap to begin with. It’s a tedious process because it has to be done right to be effective. While slipping a piece of foam tubing over a water pipe is simple, it takes a long time to do because it has to be properly fastened and other areas like the water spout, valves, and spigots have to be insulated as well. Try to do it underneath your house or in tight or difficult to reach areas, and you’ll soon get frustrated and tired.

But don’t let frustration deter you. If you ever set out to cover your pipes and find out it costs just a little more to have someone else do it, give us a call here at Mitchell & Sons Plumbing. We’ll be glad to come out to wrap your pipes for the winter. You’ll have a professional job done that will last for years and should solve your Wayne County frozen pipe problems.

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