Quick & Easy Ways To Detect Plumbing Leaks

plumbing-leaks-detroitOne of the best ways to find out if you have a water leak is by using your water meter. If your water is being supplied by a local water company or municipality, your water meter is most likely located along the main lines that come into your property from the street you live on. The main water and sewer lines run from the water company and to each home along the route, with a meter between the main lines and the homes they supply.

Your water meter can tell you how much water you are using daily, and it can help you figure out if you have a plumbing leak. You’ll simply make sure all your water valves and faucets are turned off in the home for an hour or two and take a look at the water meter reading.

Don’t forget to shut off the built-in icemaker, any water filtration systems, water heaters, or any other automated water systems. Check the meter again later and see if it changes. If it does, you probably have a Detroit plumbing leak.

Look For Outdoor Pooling Water For Plumbing Leak Detection

If there’s no signs of water leaking on the inside areas of your home, another quick and easy way to find plumbing leaks is to check your lawn for pooling water. If you have an irrigation or sprinkler system, check for broken sprinkler heads or parts first. Also, first check your outdoor faucets to see if they’re dripping at all.

Any areas of your lawn that are soggy when it should be dry are sure signs your plumbing is leaking. The problem with pooling water in grassy areas is they are difficult to see until you’re standing in it. Be sure to take a good walk around your property as you look for plumbing leaks and also check carefully around your home’s foundation or underneath if there’s a crawl space.

Inside Plumbing Leaks

Indoors, plumbing leaks in Detroit can get tricky to find. You’ll be looking for wall stains, ceiling or floor stains, drips, moisture of any kind, and sagging or peeling drywall or paint textures. Check your closets, storage areas, underneath all cabinetry, around ceiling lights or fans, underneath your indoor air unit, behind refrigerators and other appliances, and carefully at all plumbing connections including laundry hoses and faucets.

When you have plumbing leaks in your home or on your property, you’re wasting your hard earned dollars, not to mention it’s doing nothing to help you conserve water for the sake of the fresh water supply on our planet. Finding and fixing water leaks can be easily handled by professional plumbers.

If In Doubt, Hire Professional Plumbing Leak Detection Services

At Mitchell & Sons Plumbing, we can detect all your water leaks with our state of the art plumbing leak detection equipment. No matter where along your Detroit plumbing system you may be leaking water, we’ll find it quickly and easily without having to dig up your lawn or home’s foundation to find and fix it. Give our master plumbers a call today for plumbing leak detection or video drain inspection or any other plumbing services you need in the Detroit areas.

If you are looking for quick and easy Detroit Plumbing Leak Detection, please call 248-755-5839 or complete our online request form.

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