Ways To Prevent Plumbing Problems That Lead To Water Re-Piping

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Water Re-Piping in DetroitRe-piping the water lines in a home is something everyone would want to prevent if they could. In certain cases, such as when water re-piping is necessary because they froze and burst open or there was corrosion that caused extensive damage, there were ways to have prevented the plumbing problem.

Soon enough, it’ll be time to think about wrapping up the pipes to protect them from the cold, so now’s a great time to learn all you can about the different measures you can take this fall season to prevent loosing access to fresh water because the pipes had to be replaced. Don’t put it off too long or you might just be caught by a surprise cold snap this year, browse through the following tips from our Detroit plumbers so you’ll be able to prevent a water re-piping!

Preventing Corrosion That Leads To Water Re-Piping

Water pipe corrosion is cause by elements in all water supply systems. Whether your fresh water comes from your own private well, a community well, or a public water treatment facility, there will be always be minerals and sediments in the water. Well water will contain the most sediments.

The minerals in the water are what make the water feel “hard” and are also what causes pipe corrosion inside the older steel or iron water pipes. Once the pipes are corroded, they’ll get rusty and then finally fail. You can avoid the corrosion which leads to water re-piping by softening the water.

There are different types of water softeners you can install, but their purpose is all the same, to prevent pipe corrosion and all the problems associated with hard water such as the rusting out of plumbing drains, sewer pipes, shower heads, water heaters, dishwashers, and other plumbing fixtures.

Protecting The Plumbing From Freezing Weather To Prevent Water Re-Piping

As we mentioned, another main reason people need to get water re-piping is when the pipes freeze. This is also another preventable plumbing problem that you as a homeowner can get prepared for this fall season.

While the weather hasn’t yet dropped to below freezing in most parts of the country, this is a good time to make sure you’ve purchased what you need to protect the plumbing. That way, you’ll have what you need to get everything wrapped up before the cold weather surprises you.

  • In homes where the hot water heater isn’t located in a heated area of the home, it’s vital to wrap the hot water tank and pipes well to keep the water lines running to and from the water heater from freezing if you want to avoid water re-piping. You can purchase an insulation kit which is made for wrapping all your fresh water pipes. You can also find kits made to fit water heaters, outdoor faucets, and other areas.
  • Some water heaters are located in the garage or indoors next to an exterior wall. Even though the pipes are located inside, they may seem safe from freezing. However, it’s common to have pipes freeze where the plumbing is located within an outside wall of the home.
  • Water pipes located on inner walls of the home should be safe because they’re exposed to the warmer temperatures in the home, but within outer walls, the plumbing may have little insulation between it and the outdoor freezing temperatures. The less insulation you have within the outer walls, the more likely your pipes will freeze.

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