How You Can Benefit From A Video Drain Inspection

video drain inspection detroitThe whole goal of hiring a plumbing company is to resolve an existing issue you have. Oftentimes, that means addressing a repair concern but that also means getting to the source of the problem, first.

In many cases, that’s where a video drain inspection in the hands of a reputable plumber comes into the picture. This method can provide so much useful information and make a big difference in how your repair needs are handled.

Your Drain & Video Inspections

The basics behind a video drain inspection is that your plumbing tech will snake a flexible cable with a small camera through your drain. This camera includes a radio transmitter and an infrared light, in order to get the imagery needed to get a full scope of what’s happening inside your system.

This is the best approach to take to see into even small nooks and crannies that wouldn’t be visible without taking your plumbing system apart. Plus, this provides you and a professional with video to refer back to and use as a record of the conditions of your plumbing system.

Using this approach to assess the severity of the problem can save precious time and money. With relatively clear video images, your Detroit plumber will be able to determine the location and type of problem quickly and easily.

Many homeowners like to use this as a proactive preventative measure. It’s much more cost-effective to see the current condition of your pipes and make repairs or changes before something serious happens. Don’t wait for expensive emergency repairs to present themselves when you could go this route instead.

Video footage is also how you can determine if that clog in your drains is just a standard clog or something more serious like root intrusion. It’s an innovation that can make a huge difference for both you and your plumbing professional.

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