Why You Need Detroit Video Drain Inspections For Your Home

video drain inspection

One of the best advances for the plumbing industry in the last few years has been the introduction of the video camera. It is now possible for plumbing professionals to see the inside of pipes and sewer lines without digging them up at a high cost to the homeowner. Below you will find many of the benefits of Detroit video pipe inspection for your home.

Easier to Locate Damage

It used to be an educated guess when it came to locating damage within your sewer lines. Digging up the lines to find where it was cracked or broken not only caused a huge mess, it was also expensive. A Detroit video pipe inspection allows the technician to locate any cracks or broken areas within the lines but it also allows the technician to pinpoint the exact location. This means less time needed for repairs and lower repair costs.

Easier to Locate Blockages

If you have children, you certainly understand how easily your drains can become clogged. Stuffed animals are often flushed away, as are a wide range of other toys. Depending on what is causing the blockage in your sewer lines, you may find that a Detroit video pipe inspection is needed. In many cases, knowing exactly what is causing the blockage is enough to have it remedied without any digging at all!

Preventive Maintenance

This is a fantastic means of preventative maintenance. It allows the technicians to locate cracks and other problems in your sewer lines even before they are causing problems. This can save you a lot of money on repair bills, especially before your lines completely break. If you’re on a slab house, the cost of this type of repair can be quite extensive.

How It All Works

The technician will use a flexible rod that has a high resolution camera in the end. As this is threaded through the lines, the technician receives the images. These images can eve be saved for viewing at a later time. Radio transmitters on the camera also allow for measuring to the surface, so they know exactly where the problems are.

Many companies are turning to this technology first, rather than later in a service call. It’s much easier to see what and where the problem is. While this technology is not cheap, it does pay for itself rather quickly, especially in terms of saving time and resources.

In Closing

The next time you have a sewer problem at your home, ask if the repair company offers Detroit video pipe inspections. It can save you a lot of repair bills later on and diagnosis the problem within just a few moments.


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